Scott Damaschke is a scamer and con-artist. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Hello World,

How are you doing?

This is Scott Damaschke. He pretends to be someone who can help you get financing. He’s not. He’s a fraud. He charges you upfront fees and then denies your loan.  

He runs a company called CAPITAL SOLUTION 1. It’s a scam. He can’t do what he promises. Won’t refund fees paid that he should have never collected. Then turns into an abusive asshole and tries to change the story to make it your fault.

Be aware, he is a fraud.

He had me wire money to Trever Cole Financial of CT. Do a google search for them, you will see this is a scam. Other people have been caught doing this scam. Trever Cole might be real, but the scam of upfront fees with them involved has been documented elsewhere on the web. He leads you along and then turns on you. It’s a scam from the start. $4,000 for nothing! I was 100% SCAMMED! WASTE OF TIME!  


Check out this link to Scott

If this is the same Scott, it appears he’s a bit of a woman abuser as well.



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